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Third Party Software


Since 1992, Intelligraphics has provided premier system level software development services to manufacturers of graphics and display hardware throughout the world. Intelligraphics' development team offers our clients significant experience in custom device driver development for 2D, 3D and specialty display devices. Intelligraphics' large development staff has a uniquely deep and diverse pool of knowledge that can be leveraged for our clients' particular needs in both software and hardware. Intelligraphics display development expertise includes support for all major PC operating systems as well as Symbian, Linux, Palm, Windows CE, Nucleus, VxWorks and other embedded operating systems. Intelligraphics services include developing fully accelerated 2D and 3D graphics drivers for APIs including DirectDraw, Direct3D, Direct3D Mobile, DirectShow, OpenGL, and OpenGL ES. Intelligraphics specialty display work includes video capture, video overlay, multi-monitor, rotation, and video wall support. Intelligraphics has provided services for nearly every display chipset manufacturer which has developed chipsets in the display industry. Intelligraphics has extensive experience providing multiple operating system support for Silicon Motion's line of graphics accelerator products.

Intelligraphics ,Inc.
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Richardson, TX 75080
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